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Grave Markers from Worcester, Massachusetts

Empire Granite Monuments Co. of Worcester, Massachusetts offers grave markers with engraved lettering and polished surface. The typical flat marker sits flat with the ground with engraved lettering on the polished face. Call us at 508-757-3091 to learn how we can help you.

Slant Markers

Empire Granite Monuments Co. offers slant markers in addition to their other markers. This type of marker sits in an upright position for easy viewing. This also gives it an appearance of a more expensive, upright, without the high cost of a fully upright. Slant markers have a polished face. Call us at 508-757-3091 so we can help you make your vision real.

Custom Stone Engraving Services

Let our skilled designers create personalized artwork for your loved one's memorial stone, including etched and porcelain portraits. Our company is also able to provide on-site cemetery lettering services.
Contact us at 508-757-3091 for help designing and maintaining a lasting memorial.